Aruba Run

Most frequently asked questions.

When will the Aruba Half Marathon take place?

The 32nd International Half Marathon Aruba will take place on March 26, 2017

What is the cost of the registration/participation?

Cost of registration before March 20th is USD 25,= and after that is USD 30,=

What do I do if I cannot participate (injury or otherwise) in the Half Marathon once I have registered?

Numbers and entry fees are non –refundable- non deferrable and non- transferable you may not give your number to someone else.

What is the course and where the run begins and ends?

The course starts in front of Joe Laveist Sport Park in San Nicolaas and ends in front of Alhambra Casino Aruba. See attached a map of Aruba with course description.

What are the qualifying requirements for the Aruba 32nd International Half Marathon?

There are no qualifying requirements. It is an open race to all runners and walkers. We do have a participation limit in amount, which is 1000. 

What will happen if I cannot complete the half marathon?  

The Red Cross team will be on the route and they will have two tents on the route. There will also be a Sweeper behind the last participants who will pick everyone up on the route (expect if you are 1km or less from the finish) at the 3-hour mark

How long with the half marathon course be open and what time timing will stop?

The route is not completely closed for this event. We will have police at strategic crossing for supervising. The service that we provide on the route will be from start till the time limit mark, which is three hours.

When and where the packet/bib number pick-up takes place?

You can pick up your package on march 25, 2017 at the Alhambra Casino. In case you arrive one day before the race, we will provide your package on the morning of the race. Please notify us via email that you will pick your package at our office or on the day of the race.

Are there shuttles to and from the start/finish line?

Yes there will be busses. The race starts at 5.30am, busses will leave from Alhambra Casino Parking Lot between 4.00 am and 4.30 am.

What is the average temperature during the Aruba 32nd h Aruba International Half Marathon (21 K)?

The average temperature is around 77f

What are the conditions of the course?

Asphalt roads, incline and declining roads.

Will there be water stops?

Yes there are water stops with water and Gatorade.See the map for exact location