Aruba Run

Rules & regulations

Important! Participation is at the Participant’s own risk!


  1. All participants of the Aruba International Half Marathon are obliged to fill out the registration form on line or hard copy completely, sign the form and pay by full. Signing the form by someone else other than the participant is not permitted unless the person participating is under the age of 18. Registration payment is non-refundable.
  2. The minimum age to participate is 16 years. For participants under 18 years of age, a parental or guardian signature is required on the registration form.
  3. IBiSA reserves the right to deny participation to anyone in order to benefit the event process, and in order to maintain the integrity of our service.


  1. During the event, at all times whilst competing, all participants are obliged to wear the number at all times on the front upper body (torso) or attached to a running belt in such a way that the number is clearly visible to the race officials during the event. Sanction for not complying: disqualification.
  2. Cutting, folding and/or manipulation of the race number in any way from its original form are strictly prohibited. Also the switching of given race numbers with other participants is not permitted at any time. Sanction for not complying: disqualification.
  3. In case the participant loses his/her race number prior to the start of the race, the participants must pay a sanction fee of Awg. 10.00 (USD 6.00) to receive a new race number provided if there are still numbers available.
  4. Participants who lose their race number during the race and participants who cannot be identified by officials during the race are not allowed to cross the finish line and therefore will be classified as DNF (Did Not Finish). 
  5. Participants are not allowed to compete without wearing a top (shirt, vest or uniform). The participant must wear proper clothing such as a T-shirt, body shirt, running vest, shorts, uniform or any form of adequate and proper sport wear that are designed and worn so as not to be objectionable, even if wet. Sanction for not complying: disqualification. 
  6. Participants are not allowed to participate in the event bear footed. The wearing of proper shoes is required during the race, this for safety reasons and to avoid possible injuries. 
  7. On the date of the event, all participants are required to check-in on the stipulated time given by the Race Director. Unchecked participants will be registered as Did Not Start (DNS). 
  8. All participants must complete the race using the official racecourse as communicated and as published in the Aruban media by IBiSA. Sanction for not complying: disqualification.
  9. The race officials will ask a participant to leave the course if and when seen running without the official race numbers.
  10. It is expected from all participants to comply with “Fair Play” rules during the event. Any form of violence and/or bad behavior during the event is strictly prohibited. Sanction for not complying: warning, or immediate disqualification.
  11. Participants who for any reason cannot continue and have to stop during the event must inform the nearest official a.s.a.p.
  12. It is strictly prohibited to receive help from anyone but the officials or other event members (police, first aid officers etc). Participants are only allowed to receive water provided by the event officials or other event members during the race. The water stations are the only place destined to receive consumption by events members. Sanction for not complying: 1st violation: warning, 2nd violation: warning and 3rd violation will lead to immediate disqualification. 
  13. Participants with any kind of handicap must inform IBiSA of their situation and/or special needs when registering for the event. Handicapped participants, who will be competing and requiring help from a third party, are also obliged to inform IBiSA when registering.
  14. Participants are not allowed to compete accompanied by non-registered third persons/others. Sanction for not complying: 1st violation: warning, 2nd violation: warning, and 3rd violation immediate disqualification.


  1. Participation is at own risk. The Organizer is not liable for any damage whatsoever, which the Participant may suffer as a result of Participation, unless this damage is a direct result of the Organizer’s willful or gross neglect. This exclusion of liability also applies to damages of a severe nature, such as all possible losses as a result of injury or death.
  2. If, notwithstanding what is stated in the first paragraph of this article, the Organizer’s liability for damage caused to the Participant must be assumed, the obligation of the Organizer to compensate for such damages is limited to the maximum amount that the insurer of the Organizer will pay in respect of those damages.
  3. The Participant must be adequately insured against the risk of loss, which he or a next of kin may suffer as a result of his death, injury or illness caused by his participation in the Event.
  4. The Participant declares he is aware of the fact that participation requires both mental and physical fitness and declares that he meets this requirement and that he is sufficiently prepared, by training and in other ways, for the Event. The Organizer advises the Participant, explicitly and expressly, to undergo a (sports) medical examination in connection with his participation in the Event.
  5. The Participant shall indemnify the Organizer for damages, which third parties may suffer as a result of the Participant’s actions or negligence relating to the Event. The Participant shall be adequately insured against the risk of liability for such loss.
  6. Sponsors of the Event and the municipality (ies) in which the Event takes place are on the same footing as the Promoter, excluded from liability.



  1. Every entry shall be processed by IBiSA.
  2. Event organizer has the right to refuse any entry without assigning a reason to the entrant.
  3. No entry for individual IBiSA events may be made except upon the form or forms, (be they printed and or electronic), of entry approved by the IBiSA.
  4. Every entry must be dated and state fully and accurately the particulars required by the official entry form approved by IBiSA. No one shall be allowed to compete unless an entry form is completed in accordance with this rule.
  5. Every entry must be made in the true, legally registered name of the participant and this name shall appear on any program that may be issued.
  6. Every individual entry shall be signed by the intending participant, who shall be responsible for all statements therein and any omissions there from, whether the participant actually made the entry or not. Where entries are made electronically the completion of the entry application constitutes acceptance of the terms, conditions and rules stated on the entry application. 
  7. Every entry for an event limited by age shall state the date of birth and present age in years and months if required of the intending participant and every such entry shall, if required, be verified by the production of a birth certificate or other valid identification. 
  8. No entry to a competition under IBiSA may be tendered or accepted unless accompanied by the full amount of the stipulated entry fee.
  9. Numbers are issued to the individual participant completing the application form and are non-transferable except with the specific authority of the Race Director or other authorized race official.
  10. No new entries will be permitted after published “Sold Out”.


  1. The following are ineligible to take part in competition:
    1. Participants who are suspended or banned for a doping offence by the Governing Body of any sport.
    2. Participants who have committed any acts or made any statements either verbally or in writing, or have been responsible for any breaches of the Rules, or other conduct which in the opinion of IBiSA is considered to be insulting, improper or likely to bring the sport into disrepute. 
Those ineligible under this Rule shall be ineligible for such period as IBiSA may decide.
  2. Use of drugs or any performance enhancement product on the WADA Prohibited List is forbidden and will be sanctioned.
  3. A participant must retire from a race immediately if ordered to do so by a medical official of the race.
  4. A participant who retires from a race must not remove their number until the participant has reported to an official as having retired from the race.
  5. The Race Director presides over the event ensuring that the rules of competition are observed deciding on any issues not within the rules of competition. The Race Director may require changes to the course or other changes in the interests of safety.


  1. The following shall be interpreted as assistance:
    1. Pacing by persons not participating in a race, unless assisting a blind or partially sighted participant.
    2. The use of any mechanical or technical device that physically assists a participant to achieve a faster time/pace than they would otherwise be capable of without the device.
  2. The following shall not be interpreted as assistance:
    1. Communication during an event between participants, and with other persons.
    2. A medical examination during the progress of an event by medical personnel solely to determine whether an participant is fit enough to continue in the competition.
    3. The use of heart monitors, GPS and Inertia Measurement devices, in races.
  3. No person is permitted to join in a race, whether to accompany the participants for the whole of the distance or any part or stage of the race, unless he/she has been properly entered for that race.


  1. All participants must cross the start line and follow the course as designed and follow the normal rules of the road except where otherwise instructed by the Police or IBiSA.
  2. Where any part of a road used for a race is open to traffic at the same time as the competition is in progress, a participant must remain on the left hand half of the road (unless directed otherwise by the Police or by a race official).
  3. The Race Director has the power to disqualify any participant who does not follow the correct course or the instructions of the Emergency Services, Local Authority, and Race Officials.
  4. The time limit is 3 hours. All participants who do not reach ‘Turbo Rotonde’ (roundabout Wendys) by this time (3 hours after the start), will be transported to the finish and will be classified as Did Not Finish (DNF).


  • Protest of the results of the event or because of an incident during the race, shall be made in writing to IBiSA no later than within 24 hours of the first working day after the race. A written answer on the protest shall be issued no later than 7 days after receiving the protest.

The Rules and Regulations above are subject to change anytime without notice.